Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Heart of the Matter

I sat down with a new friend today. We quickly learned we had much in common and many common friendships throughout the community. It's such a small world! Well, I suppose when you live in a small community, it's bound to happen.

As we chatted, the subject turned to homeschooling and how I enjoy it. She asked how I did it all; meaning how I educate them and run the house and a home business. I pondered for a second, and then said to her:

"If I don't have my child's heart, I won't have their mind. I can't teach them anything academic if I their character is lacking and if they don't obey. They won't obey if their attitude is not right. For example, if I get them to obey me out of fear of punishment, but their attitude is rotten inside, then I've just created an angry, resentful child who will keep their emotions bottled up. So getting them to just change behavior is not enough. I'm looking for them to change their heart (their attitude). If Jack Henry hits Gabriel, it's not enough to get him to stop hitting. I have to talk to him to understand WHY he's hitting him and the emotions and feelings that led him to do the behavior. Then he can work on the core character that led him to his actions. Once we can establish the character, which is a constant process, we can then move on to academics. Academics at this point are secondary and a natural progression to the character training we've been doing for years."

This important piece I have learned in various arenas, including messages as church, speakers at homeschooling conferences, the Bible, and other great books and resources.

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