Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Learning Through My Children's Eyes

Not a day goes by that I don't enjoy seeing the "ah ha" moment in one of my child's eye. I love teaching them, but even more, I love seeing them "get it" and love to learn. Today was one of those days.

Isabelle was having a hard time with math and after several practice rounds of place value notation examples, she smiled a huge grin and said, "Mom, I know how to do this now! This makes sense and is so easy!" I love watching that light bulb moment and for them to get so excited that they have just learned something new!

Another one of those moments happened this morning as well. Two in one day! I was reading to them, "The Cat of Bubastes: A Tale of Ancient Egypt" by G.A. Henty. We are about half way through the novel and in the heart of action! I read to them for about 45 minutes and when the chapter ended, I closed the book and said that we would read more tomorrow. All three kids groaned and were disappointed that I had stopped. Isabelle said, "You always stop at the good parts!" They wanted to hear more of this thrilling tale of life in Egypt, a sacred cat and wanted men out on the loose. I love that my "job" is to read thrilling educational novels to them "during school hours". We are all learning together and have great conversations about the historical fiction we read together.

One of my desires for them is that they love to learn. I hope that my excitement for the love of learning continues to rub off on them.

Teaching them can be a tough job, but it can be tremendously rewarding as well. Like when my three year old uses the name Methuselah in a sentence (correctly I might add) like it's an everyday part of his language, I just grin and hope this love affair with learning continues.

It is days like this that remind me in part of why I'm homeschooling them!

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