Friday, May 7, 2010

Continuing Education

Well, it's been awhile since I've updated. Pure exhaustion is the culprit. Starting in October, I noticed a definite change in my energy levels along with a multitude of mysterious symptoms. One of them being consistent brain fog. I attempted to write many a time, but every time I would proofread my posts, they just didn't. make. sense. It ended up being a jumbled mess.

Fast forward to February 2nd, 2010. I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme Disease. Ironically, that was the same date that I was diagnosed with my breast cancer, 6 years ago.

So why am I sharing this? Life is a journey and a constant learning experience. Years ago, I joked that I would be content to be a life long student. Life is certainly giving me plenty of opportunities to learn, research, and grow. As I started this new journey, I realized that this diagnosis is just another opportunity to use my research skills and then share with people what I've learned.

After seeing 4 new doctors in 3 different states, I think I'm on the right track to treating this disease effectively. There is a long road ahead of healing, however, I am ready. I have read 6 books, watched 5 documentaries, chatted online with other Lyme Disease sufferers, talked on the phone with 2 other strangers (one of whom I can now call friend) and have read for countless hours on the internet. All of this in attempts to be as educated as possible about this next leg of this journey -- all for better health.

I have always encouraged people to take control of their own health. YOU will be the only person who knows your body best. You are the best advocate of your own health. It is up to you to speak up and keep searching for answers until you are satisfied. No one will be more concerned about your well being than you. I pray that you are healthy. If you are not at your optimum health, then I encourage you to take charge of your health!

In my quest for my own personal health, I have learned much. So feel free to ask. I would love to help.

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